As our initiatives continue to expand and multiple, volunteers are a vital part of our ability to provide our initiatives at little or no-charge to the participants. The following is a break-down of the types of volunteer opportunities available.  As you'll see, the commitment of time and energy are diverse so you will be able to find an opportunity that is helpful to us and meaningful to you.   

O1. Mentoring

Our Greater Good supports several mentoring programs that rely on volunteer mentors.  The following is a description of each of these programs and how you can get involved. 

lunch buddies

The Lunch Buddy program is a mentoring and relationship building program. A Lunch Buddy volunteer would be paired with an individual child in a school setting. Lunch Buddies typically have lunch together one time per week. They chat, play games and sometimes go outside to recess with the class. The volunteer does not discipline or tutor the student. The volunteer is never left alone with the child. Lunch Buddies must pass a background check which will be done by the school administration. This opportunity requires about 1 hour per week.

Boys to Men Group Mentoring 

Boys to Men is a community of dedicated men who guide and support young, often fatherless boys, on their journey to manhood. Every week, three Boys to Men mentors are scheduled to appear at scheduled times at middle schools, high schools and community facilities to give between nine and twelve teenage boys a community of mentors who listen, encourage and believe in them. 75% of the boys in the program are growing up without a father. Mentors are provided with complete training, a detailed curriculum and fully support.  To register to be a mentor or learn more, contact or call him at 219-241-9269.

Girls to Women Group Mentoring 

This companion to the Boys to Men program is designed to address the needs of middle school girls who are dealing with a wide array of teenage challenges.  Mentors are provided with extensive training, comprehensive curriculum and support through Our Greater Good and Girls to Women USA.  Volunteer mentors are asked to dedicate 60 - 90 minutes per week with two other mentors for an in-school session with the same group of nine to twelve at-risk girls.  To register to be mentor or learn more, contact - 219-921-6535. 

02. childcare

Adult supervisor to remain in the childcare area for approximately 1 ½ hours during the Love & Logic Parenting classes. Supervisor would oversee the high school volunteers who are recruited to entertain the children. The supervisor would maintain safety and security in the childcare area. Must be able to pass a background check. This job would require 1 ½ hour of time.

03. Food pick up and delivery

Volunteer would be responsible for picking up food for the family dinners at a local grocery store and delivering it to the school or other location where parenting class is being held. The food should be taken inside the building and set up on the prepared table. Food will be ordered and paid for prior to pick up. The volunteer should return the receipt to the facilitator of the program. The volunteer should feel free to eat dinner with the families if desired. This job should require 30-45 minutes of time.

04. Serving meals and clean up

Volunteer would arrive at the site 15 minutes prior to the start of the parenting classes. He or she would help set up a buffet style dinner for the families enrolled in the class. The volunteer should feel free to eat dinner with the families. At the conclusion of dinner the volunteer would clean up the buffet table and package any leftovers. Leftover food can be offered to any families who would like to take it home or it can be stored at the school and left for teachers, maintenance workers or other employees. This job would require about 1 hour of time.

o5. Distribute flyers to local organizations

The volunteer would pick up flyers at the office of Our Greater Good Porter County. At that time he or she would be given a list of organizations to which the flyers should be delivered. The organizations would be primarily schools, churches, daycare centers and other youth serving organizations. This position would be sporadic and done on an as needed basis. The time commitment would vary.

06. Clerical

This job would require a volunteer to do clerical work such as recording and sorting data from pre-test and post-test surveys given at the conclusion of parenting class sessions. Data would be entered into a template and saved for office use. The time commitment would be about 2-3 hours. If  you are interesting in volunteering for any of these opportunities,  please complete our application by clicking here and filling in the form, then print it and email it as an attachment to   Thank you for your interest in supporting our initiatives.